Five New Year’s resolutions for your professional self


With Christmas over and New Year’s celebrations done, it’s time to swap the mince pies for a salad, the sofa for the gym, and mulled wine for some good old H2O.  Yes, this is January – a time for making those classic resolutions for the year ahead. But, with most of us heading back to work shortly, we decided to go against the norm and focus these resolutions on our professional lives instead. So, here you go – five small changes to make you happier and healthier at work this year. 


1. Find your passion and follow it

We’ve all been there, sat at work, waiting for the clock to hit 5pm, living for the weekend. And we’ve all had that familiar dread on a Sunday evening. But, when this is happening week in, week out, it’s time to do something about it. So, let us ask you, if money were no object, what job would you like to pursue? Perhaps it’s writing a novel, becoming an astronaut, or throwing a paintbrush around like Van Gogh. Whatever it is, there is a way to follow this dream. Do yourself a favour this year, and take the time to figure it out.


2. Learn something new every day

Regardless of whether you’re a CEO or an assistant, self-employed or working for a big corporate, it’s important to keep learning. And luckily for all of us, this is easier than ever in the information age. Listen to a podcast on the way to work, read articles on your tablet, or use the web to research what other companies are doing. We’re all guilty of getting complacent once in a while, but, by feeding your knowledge and learning new things every day, you’ll soon see the positive impact this has on your work.


3. Set time limits

With, on average, seven working hours in a day, it should be pretty easy to get things done, right? Not so much. When you factor in over-running meetings, time spent waiting on others, and those much-needed coffee breaks, it’s the end of the day before you know it. And your to-do list is still at an all-time high. This year, set yourself firm, but realistic, time limits, and stick to them as best as you can. You’ll soon find your productivity levels increase - and you can enjoy your coffee break in the knowledge you’re on top of things. But, if you are still feeling swamped, don’t forget we’re here to help blitz those to-do lists for you too.


4. Make your health a priority

The phrase ‘you’ll work yourself into the ground’ didn’t come from nowhere. Our workplaces can be stressful and, even though a little bit of stress can be helpful, a lot definitely isn’t. Help yourself out this year by eating healthily and regularly throughout the day, getting enough sleep and finding time to exercise. By doing all of this, you’ll also help keep yourself in better mental shape, and more able to deal with any stresses that arise. Don’t be afraid to take breaks, and definitely make the most of your holiday.


5. Set boundaries

While technology has, in many ways, changed the workplace for the better, it has also meant we don’t need to physically be in the office to be available. Great for remote working, not so brilliant for maintaining a boundary between work and home. Checking your emails in bed might seem harmless, but doing so prevents you from switching off and having some much-needed downtime. So, this year, put those boundaries back in place – switch off your work phone when you leave the office, set clear working times with clients, and avoid answering business calls on holiday.


We hope the above will give you some inspiration for heading back to work after Christmas. And if you would like a little helping hand to kick-start any of your News Year’s resolutions, just give us a shout.


All that’s left for us to say is a big Happy New Year!

Dylan Winn-Brown