Five top tips for a stress free Christmas and New Year


So Christmas is just around the corner and for many this is a time to kick back, be merry and start to enjoy some time away from the stresses of work and life. However, it all depends if you can survive the build up to the big day. Here’s a few tips to help you to reach Christmas Day unscathed!


1. Have realistic aims

This applies not only to your working life but also to your personal life. Think realistically about what you can achieve and more importantly what is expected of you. If you are hosting 20 people on Christmas Day your friends and family are more likely to prefer spending time with you amongst the merriment than seeing you stressed in the kitchen because you are trying to feed the five thousand!


2. Do something for you

Take a step back from the stresses of work and home and take some time out to do something that makes you happy. So what if that to-do list is not getting any shorter, it’s really important to take care of ‘you’ during busy periods. It will actually benefit you in the long run as you’ll be more focused and level headed to tackle that task that you have regularly been putting off. A long hot bath undisturbed, a stroll all wrapped up warm through your favourite field or even stopping for a hot chocolate during the Christmas shopping can all do wonders for your mental health.


3. Know when to say no  

It really is ok for you to decline invitations over the festive period. You can’t do everything and you don’t have to try to. Whether it’s a work thing on that one night you promised your partner you’d be home on time or your neighbour’s mulled wine and mince pie evening; people will understand if you say you can’t make it. You can always offer to host something in the New Year when things have calmed down and it will give everyone something to look forward to when the January blues kick in


4. Delegate

Are there things to do that could actually be done by someone else? Match the person to the task and get things done quickly without lifting a finger. The kids rooms are a mess - get them to tidy up for a reward, the Christmas cards need writing - do half each with your partner; arrange that important client lunch… which leads me nicely onto the next point…


5. Hire a VA

A good VA can support you not only in your business but also in your personal life, giving you more time for work and play. Not only can a VA be cost effective they can also bring expertise in areas that you may not be familiar with which can only enhance your own capabilities. Outsourcing, especially at the busiest time of year for many people can be a real help to you to enable you to enjoy the things you love like your kids nativity plays, work Christmas jumper day and late night shopping. We can even do your Christmas shopping as well as arranging that important meeting for you!


We hope the above will give you some inspiration to help you through the Christmas stress. And if you would like a little helping hand to kick-start any of your Christmas celebrations, just give us a shout.


All that’s left for us to say is a big Happy Christmas and New Year!

Dylan Winn-Brown