Five ways to out-source your life


Ever on the lookout for articles about gaining time back, we recently caught sight of this gem of a piece by MailOnline writer, Tim Collins:  

To summarise, his article suggests that spending money to buy free time leads to greater life satisfaction. But, despite this positive link, people are still reluctant to splash their cash in this way.  Why? Because, apparently, we’re all concerned about appearing lazy.

Finding this out, there were a few noticeable gasps here at Timpi. But, once we’d got our breath back, we thought it was time we shout a little louder, and show everyone that outsourcing isn’t just for the office. So, below, we have suggested a few ways to go from stressed out to chilled out, in a couple of clicks.

1. The Food Shop

No one wants to spend their Saturdays swerving trollies and fighting over the last carrot. And, guess what, you no longer need to. With most of the big supermarkets now doing delivery, as well as online-only companies like Ocado and Amazon Fresh, you can do your shop from the comfort of your own home, cup of tea in hand. Even easier, ditch the shopping list altogether, and try Gousto or Hello Fresh, who will deliver a box of recipes and the necessary ingredients to your door on a weekly basis. 


2. Getting That Gym Bod

Ordered a few too many puds on your online food shop? Don’t worry, it’s now easier than ever to work off that trifle. Instead of psyching yourself up to go to the gym, just head to your phone and download one of the many fitness apps that are now available. Our favourite is Johnson & Johnson’s 7 Minute Workout for obvious reasons. And, for those trying to lose weight by dieting, My Fitness Pal will track your daily calorie intake, while also providing diet plans and nutrition facts.    


3. Dirty Laundry

I think it’s safe to say we’re all familiar with that never-ending cycle of washing and ironing. And now we’re hitting winter, our clothes are taking longer to dry, and the airers have gained a permanent space in the living room. Sound familiar? It’s time to download Laundrapp. They’ll collect your dirty washing and dry cleaning, and deliver the items back washed and ready to wear.


4. Your Love Life

Dating sites are nothing new and, while often very successful, do involve creating a fairly extensive profile about yourself and reading those of others. This all takes time – which is, of course, where Tinder came in. Within a few minutes, you can be profile ready and swiping left and right like a pro. With Bumble and Happn now out there too, there are plenty of apps to choose from. Which means you can find a date wherever you are, whether this be sat in a coffee shop, on a bus, or even on the loo (maybe just don’t tell your date about the latter).


5. Just About Everything

If you’ve read the above, and feel like you need help with all of them, or you’ve got a whole list of other things you need help with, don’t worry, we have a solution. Here at Timpi, we like to think we can put our hand to anything, and we are certainly up for a challenge - so whatever it is taking up your time, throw it over to us and we’ll try our best to help. Just download our app, or visit our website, and we’ll make sure you get your time back.

Dylan Winn-Brown