How to beat those back-to-work blues


Holidays are one of life’s greatest pleasures – that is, until they end. We’ve all been there, happily enjoying a life of sun, sea and sangria, until suddenly we find ourselves plonked back into reality, with a thump that really hurts. With the back-to-school feeling well and truly in swing, we thought it was about time we addressed this pain, and give you some top tips on how to beat the post-summer blues.


1. Listen to The Eagles’ advice and take it easy

Ok, so we understand this isn’t always possible, but if you can, try and ease yourself back into work gently. Keep your out-of-office on an extra day or two to get yourself up to speed, and focus on tackling your inbox, catching up with your boss and returning any important calls. Forget working late and instead, get home nice and early, run a bath and catch up on any boxsets you missed while you were away.  


2. Have a chinwag with your work friends

Work pals have a wonderful knack for cushioning the blow when you return to the daily grind. And they’re your friends, so they are obliged to listen to you natter away about your hols. Take the opportunity to reminisce, find out what’s been going on around the office, and ask how they are too of course. You’ll soon find yourself perking up in no time.


3. Soak up the (elusive) UK rays

We know rainy Ol’ Blighty is somewhat lacking in sunshine and sizzling temperatures, but do not despair just yet; we may have an Indian Summer en route. So grab those work pals, take your lunch break outside, and enjoy a picnic in the sun. If the weather isn’t quite as joyous as predicted, try and nab a window desk, or go for a walk outside. The natural daylight will improve your mood, and you may discover some hidden gems on your travels.


4. Give your desk space a mood makeover

Go on, channel your inner Kelly Hoppen and turn your work station into a space you actually enjoy sitting in. After all, you do spend seven hours a day there (sorry for the reminder). Bring the outdoors in by popping a few plants on your desk, change your computer screensaver to your favourite holiday snap, and put a couple of souvenirs in eye view too.


5. Go in search of those positive vibes

They are in there somewhere, promise. Push your negative post-holiday thoughts to one side, and think of the positives. Easier said than done we know, but you’ve just been on a lovely holiday, made some fab memories and are nicely refreshed and rejuvenated. Plus, back-to-work blues are usually gone within a week, so you don’t have long to wait.


6. Plan your next adventure

What better way to beat the post-holiday mood slump than by booking another? Even if you are short of annual leave, there are plenty of weekend plans to be made. Make visits to see family and friends, village-hop around the Cotswolds, or climb Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh. Get yourself a pen and paper and start creating that perfect bucket list.

Winn-Brown & Co.