TIMPI Top Picks for June


TIMPI Top Picks for June


June is a great month in the UK, as it brings with it the start of festival season and a great deal of celebration. From the Queen’s Birthday to Father’s Day, June is packed full of occasions and events. Plus, it’s usually the first sign that the weather is warming up! Here are some of the TIMPI top picks for June: 

Top event picks


London Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival

Sunday 3rd June, London Regatta Centre

The London Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival is a great opportunity to experience the fun and excitement of Chinese culture. This family friendly event is one of London’s top cultural events in June and it attracts people from all over the world, so be sure to check it out. You’ll see dozens of dragon boats heading down The Thames and there’s entertainment elsewhere too, such as live music and martial arts displays.

Up Close with Marilyn  Exhibition

Until Sunday 24th June, Proud Central Charing Cross

Back in 1953, Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe and photographer Milton H. Greene became friends. From then, his photography archive grew to include more than 5,000 photos of Monroe. This exhibition showcases some of the best image from his collection, giving an insight into a more intimate side of Marilyn.


Theatre Pick 

Back Out of Hell Musical 

Until October 2018, Dominion Theatre

For rock and roll fans, this musical based on one of the most successful albums in history is sure to be a hit. Bat Out of Hell Musical tells a story of teenage love, rebellion and the rock and roll dream. It features 17 of Meat Loaf’s greatest hits and is brought to you by Jay Scheib.


Music Pick

Junction 2 Festival, London

Saturday 9th June

Junction 2 returns for 2018 and it’s sure to show techno fans why it’s a festival worth attending. All of the big techno players will be there including London Warehouse Events, Adam Beyer’s Drumcode and The Hydra. For those who like techno music, Junction 2 shouldn’t be missed.


Fitness Pick

Russia World Cup

June marks the start of the Russia World Cup, one of the biggest dates in any football fan’s calendar. England will be playing against Tunisia on the 18th, Panama on the 24th and Belgium on the 28th.


Wild Card Pick

San Vino Wine Fight, Spain

28th - 30th June 2018

One of Europe’s most underrated festivals is the Batalla de Vino, or Spain’s Wine Fight. In the small village of Haro, thousands of people head out armed with water guns and buckets to take part in a red wine fight. The event itself takes place on June 29th, but celebrations begin on the evening of June 28th and carry on well into June 30th. There’s drinking in the street, dancing and wine fights to enjoy.

Destinations to visit in June


is an idyllic Mediterranean Island that promises warm and sunny weather throughout June, making it a fantastic destination as summer begins. There’s beaches to enjoy, areas to hike and a number of local vineyards to explore. Corsica has a unique scent that’s somewhat famous for being intoxicating and completely natural; it comes from an aromatic shrub that’s found throughout the island.


Malibu,  California

Though Malibu is known for being a favourite among celebrities, it is making a name for itself as a popular holiday destination for everyone else. With beautiful sunsets, fabulous restaurants and some of California's best beaches it’s easy to see why Malibu remains to be a popular choice.


New York

June is one of the best times to visit New York as the weather is perfect, it’s not too hot and it’s not too cold. This is the time of year where Central Park comes alive, the sunsets are at their best and rooftop dining is just kicking off. New York City is full of fantastic things to do, such as seeing the Empire State Building and walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, and it’s great for tourists.


Geneva, Switzerland 

Though a hotspot for business, Geneva remains to be a destination that holidaymakers love. Geneva is completely unique, in that it’s just as well suited for business trips as it is for summer holidays. Geneva has a number of beautiful lakes for swimming, sailing opportunities and a tonne of water spots.

Dylan Winn-Brown