Tips for a Happy Mother’s Day


This week we were reminiscing in the office about our childhoods and we all I remember asking our mum’s why we didn’t have ‘children’s day’ and they all gave the same response... “It’s children’s day every day!” We obviously never believed it at the time but now some of us have our own children we can see how special it is to make a fuss of our mum’s. From the moment a woman becomes a mum, their own needs and wants are shelved to make way for a tiny being that they must nurture and protect. This selfless dedication deserves thanks, but what can you do to make your mum’s day special?

You have probably heard your husband say, “Why do I have to do stuff for you on Mother’s Day; you’re not my mum”. We have small children who are too young to be able to do much more than make a card without help from a grown up. However, a homemade card from a child is a wonderful gift for a mum as it shows your child has put their heart into making it and their little faces when you open it and see their handiwork is just priceless. 

If you’re anything like most of the population, every year Mother’s Day tends to sneak up on you despite knowing its coming! Popping by the garage on your way home from work for a limp bunch of carnations just won’t cut it so here’s a few ideas to make your mum/wife of your children feel special.


1. Give her the day off

Plan to take the children out for the day and give mum the house to herself. She may choose to spend the day in her PJs and watch a film while eating Nutella out of the jar or she may choose to hit the gym or have a quiet lunch overlooking the sea. It doesn’t matter what she actually does, what matters is that she has a choice to put herself first and spend a day doing exactly what she wants. Then at the end of the day, you can arrive home with dinner in hand and she can spend the evening with the family that she loves.

2. Take her out to eat or cook for her at home

 The perk here for your mum is to put her feet up and be waited on. Better still if you head out, why not be the chauffeur so she can enjoy a few guilt free glasses of bubbles with her meal. There is nothing like having the chance to do nothing when you are usually the one doing the doing!


3. Arrange for her to do her favourite thing  

Ask yourself what your mum is into. Does she love to see a musical at the theatre? Does she love a spa day? Is she into rock climbing? Whatever it may be, why not buy her a voucher or ticket to do it and you’ll soon see a smile on her face. Often mum’s don’t treat themselves to the things that they love as their focus is usually on the rest of the family. If you take the decision to treat her it’s a great way to get her out enjoying the things she loves and give her something back.


4. Get your kids involved

As well as a handmade card, you can also take a bunch of silly photos of the kids and make them into a photo book or aperture frame. This is something that your mum or wife will cherish, especially as the children get older. It is truly special to make memories and then have a way of looking back on them.


5. Get her something personalised

Be it a necklace with the children’s initials on or an oversized wine glass with her name emblazoned on it; all of these gifts show thought and respect for the person that she is. You have taken the time to personalise something for her and that is a special gift for any mum.

If all of these things seem like too much hard work, you can always give TIMPI a call and get a Virtual Assistant to sort Mother’s Day for you.

Stephanie Sheargold